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09Mar 2020


During the recent Exhibition Progetto Fuoco 2020 ALA spa obtained a wonderful result and the spirit of the event represented completely by ALA. The proof of the success were represented by stand realization and attracting a large number of visitors and interactions.

The two ALA main drivers prove its added value:

- "Quality is inside", ALA SMALTO products are entirely made of porcelain steel. The enamelling covers and protects the smoke duct not only externally, but also internally along its entire length, guaranteeing its total inalterability both in terms of structure and aesthetics;

- "There is no planet B", responsibility for the environment is not a negligible factor.

ALA wanted to show during the exhibition the innovative TERM® TECHNOLOGY powder coating technology that characterizes its products. The stand in fact offered an interactive space capable of transporting the visitor within the production process.

Ala has always been the benchmark of smoke ducts production and sale that provide the optimal solution for each type of system.

In 2020 it consolidated its choices in favor of environmental sustainability and raised the quality of its products to the highest levels.

The future is still up in the air, but ALA is a certainty.


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