The ALA PELLET product lines enhance the power and modernity of pellet heating through innovative production techniques and solutions suitable for every need.
The use of cutting-edge technologies, such as TERM® and GASTOP® technology, and the meticulous selection of raw materials, have led to the creation of exclusive products, able to guarantee durability and performance over time, even under intense use conditions. .
The great attention to efficiency and performance, and the winning design have then decreed its success over the years.
The numerous articles of the ALA PELLET lines are made of porcelain steel, enamelling covers and protects the smoke channel completely: the enamel covers the pipe not only externally but also internally along its entire length, ensuring the total inalterability of each element, both in terms of structure and aesthetics.
The CE certification, updated to the current regulations (UNI EN 1856-2, UNI EN 1443 with pressure class P1, resistance to temperature T200* and maximum class of corrosion resistance, V2), connotes each of our articles to offer security, resistance and high efficiency . 

*available also T250 class with Viton seal.

The PELLET series is available in two lines: ALA PELLET eco and ALA PELLET aeternum.

offers high quality items at competitive prices, each element is made of ENAMEL PORCELAIN and equipped with the innovative GASTOP® interlocking mounting system, with a special triple-lip silicone gasket that prevents the dispersion of fumes and condensation and ensures high safety and reliability for a perfect seal.
ALA PELLET eco also offers an exclusive kit complete with every element necessary for the installation of pellet stoves.

ALA PELLET aeternum:
adds to the features of the eco version, the innovative TERM® coating technique, which melts in one body steel and enamel, allowing to create articles with very high quality and extraordinary durability, ensuring color stability, higher resistance to acid condensation, high temperatures, scratch and rust.

Premium Italian Quality, value and foundation of all our products. 

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